Fox Point Party Bus :: Party Spots & Restaurants

NESSUN DORMA One of Party Bus Milwaukee's favorite Italian bars and restaurants in the Fox Point area is Nessun Dorma, located at 2778 North Weil Street in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee. Our customers have really raved about the deliciousness of the food that they serve here, not to mention the creativity that is shown in the composition of the dishes. They have one of the friendliest waitstaffs that we have ever encountered, always happy to take you on a full tour of the establishment and to tell you about the rich and exciting history behind everything. Truly a one of a kind gem for Party Bus Milwaukee partiers!

THREE LIONS PUB When a British pub is what you're after on a Party Bus Milwaukee trip in Fox Point, Three Lions Pub at 4515 North Oakland Avenue in nearby Shorewood is a sure bet. They really capture that British pub feel in a way that no other local establishment has been able to, with true authenticity and class. They have some of the best sweet potato waffle fries that we have ever tasted and we are absolutely hooked on their unique and unforgettable bleu cheese sauce! They have a wide selection of beer and cider here that you won't find elsewhere, that's for sure! One of Party Bus Milwaukee's top recommendations!

JOSE'S BLUE SOMBRERO Party Bus Milwaukee customers always love a great Mexican restaurant, and that's just what you'll find at Jose's Blue Sombrero, at 8617 North Port Washington Road right here in Fox Point! It's simple and straightforward here, never pretentious or phony. They have delicious black bean salsa that they serve with their chips and it's always good and fresh. They have really good enchiladas in red sauce and the rice and beans are always done just right! They have lime house margaritas on the rocks that are really good and there's a full bar so you can have whatever else you might like too!

CAFE CORAZON Yet another Mexican restaurant that Party Bus Milwaukee partiers can't get enough of is Cafe Corazon at 3129 North Bremen Street in the Riverwest neighborhood of nearby Milwaukee. The breakfasts and brunches are the highlights here as far as we're concerned. It's true that this one is very small and not able to physically accommodate our party bus groups, but you'll love ordering their yummy food to go and enjoying it on the bus! They're very happy to take care of our customers this way and it's really a cool way to kick off your party bus trip or to wrap up a wonderful night with us!

POCO LOCO CANTINA One more Mexican restaurant for the road! Fox Point Party Bus Milwaukee customers are obsessed with Poco Loco Cantina for good reason! You'll find this one at 4134 West River Lane in nearby Brown Deer. The quality of everything is just off the charts, and we love the bar type atmosphere and the wonderful service. The freshly made chips and salsa are always the first thing to make an impression, so fresh and yummy. The guacamole is also sensational! Your entire meal is just heaven sent, with so much attention paid to quality and flavor. Super friendly staff makes it even better!