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THE HIDEAWAY PUB & EATERY One of the coziest places to drink and dine in Franklin with Party Bus Milwaukee is The Hideaway Pub & Eatery at 9643 South 76th Street. The prices are in the moderate range and the quality is just off the chain! The seafood platter is one of our main go-to items and we have enjoyed the blue gill many times. The fried sea scallops are a seafood lovers dream, and how about that Wisconsin platter or the Friday Trio? We could just go on and on about all the wonderful things that they have here. The rye bread and cole slaw are always really delicious too. Fantastic service, unforgettable ambiance!

MULLIGAN'S IRISH PUB & GRILL Everybody loves a great Irish pub and grill, and Mulligan's at 8933 South 27th Street in Franklin certainly fits the bill. It's very nice here, kept very clean and tidy, and the decor feels authentic and inviting rather than overdone. They keep the dining and drinking areas separate, which is nice for those who want to get a little more lively in the bar area! There are flat screen televisions for your enjoyment on both sides, so if you want to watch the game while you dine, you're covered. They're quick and friendly with everything here, very conscientious and attentive to your needs!

LITTLE CANCUN There are some wonderful Mexican restaurants in the Franklin area and Little Cancun is one of them, found at 7273 South 27th Street! Party Bus Milwaukee customers head out to this one on a very regular basis to enjoy the wonderful food and supreme service. The location may seem strange, in a motel parking lot, but don't judge this book by its cover! It's a great spot. The salsa verde is one of our favorite things to enjoy and the enchiladas and tacos are excellent when it comes to your entree choice. Our top fave? The steak tacos! Delish! Wonderful margaritas here and a full bar too!

WEGNER'S ST MARTINS INN Wegner's St Martins Inn is one of the most wonderful places for a Party Bus Milwaukee customer to dine, found at 11318 West Saint Martins Road in Franklin. While it's casual and comfortable, it's still a step up from most other restaurants around here, with a really homey type of vibe and just excellent service. There's plenty of room for groups and there's even a full bar. Their Friday fish fry is definitely a great time to be there and you'll love the yellow lake perch! The potato pancakes are another standout item that our Party Bus Milwaukee partiers are always raving about! Great drink prices too!

CHRISTIE'S PUB AND GRILL When you're craving a great sandwich or hamburger in the Franklin area when with Party Bus Milwaukee, head over to 3261 South 13th Street in the Morgandale neighborhood of Milwaukee and experience the greatness that is Christie's Pub and Grill! It's a little bit small here so we recommend it for our smaller party bus groups only, or for takeout. Sandwiches on the bus? Hell yeah! Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the best nights to come in. We love the shrimp po'boy sandwiches and we love to nosh on their carrot cake for dessert. This is another popular one for Friday fish fry! Sensational!

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