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RICARDO'S PIZZA Pizza lovers who are also Party Bus Milwaukee partiers always head to 5627 Broad Street in Greendale to enjoy Ricardo's Pizza! This place is really a great one, always ready to accommodate groups, and happy to entertain you in the bar if there should be a wait for tables! Of course, reservations are recommended for party bus groups! They have one of the best thin crust pizzas that you will ever taste here, and once a week you can even enjoy their all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, just perfect for Party Bus Milwaukee partiers! It's very clean and fresh here too. Try the martinis, you'll be glad you did!

JOEY GERARD'S One of the coolest American restaurants in the Greendale area is Joey Gerard's, with sort of a 1950s feel to it, from the atmosphere to the high quality service! You'll find this one at 5601 Broad Street. They have a huge menu of classic supper club dishes that you will really enjoy trying out. The badger lazy susan is probably our favorite thing here and we really love the shrimp de jonghe as well as the artichoke dip. The steaks are just fantastic! The relish tray is a big hit here with everyone. Party Bus Milwaukee partiers always enjoy themselves here! Don't miss this one, it's a must-visit in Glendale!

RUBY TUESDAY As Ruby Tuesday is a popular chain restaurant, there's probably not much we can tell you about it that you don't already know! But you'll find this one at 5320 South 76th Street in Greendale, and you'll be really glad you did. They keep this particular location so sparkling clean and it's so nicely decorated. The service is really a cut above the rest. We love to go in and enjoy their super fresh salad bar as well as all of their yummy entrees, whether we opt for something healthy or something crazy indulgent! This is a step above most chain restaurants. You pay for that a little bit, but it's worth it!

RAY & DOT'S TAP Located at 6351 West Grange Avenue, Ray & Dot's Tap is one of the most classic spots that you could ever choose to visit as a Party Bus Milwaukee partier. They've got plenty of cheap beer for you to enjoy, including PBR so inexpensive that you just won't believe it! The've got a very nice juke box here that's really stocked with all the great hits that you want to hear when you're out at the bar. The bartenders are super friendly and they really know their stuff. Lots of nice items on the menu too, in case you get a hankering for some mini tacos or other bar fare! This is an old VFW post, and hence a more mature crowd in the daytime. Nice spot day or night!

STEAKOUT Party Bus Milwaukee's favorite steakhouse in the Greendale area is definitely Steakout! First off, we love that name. How could any steak lover not? This one's a bit more expensive than some of the other restaurants in this area, but the steaks and other dishes are so high quality that you won't mind it one bit. There's of course a full bar here to perfectly complement your meal. The filet is always a nice option for your more special celebrations. We enjoy the garlic pasta as a side too! Other great dishes are lemon chicken with capers, and when they have Sicilian steak as a special, that is really super! Love it here!

BD'S MONGOLIAN GRILL BD's Mongolian Grill is always a smart choice for Party Bus Milwaukee partiers! You'll find this Glendale location at 598 West North Shore Drive, so convenient when you're passing through this area. If you haven't dined here before, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the whole experience, from crafting your own meal by placing the raw ingredients in your bowl, to watching the master chefs toss it together on the grill and cook it up just perfectly! They have a nice beer selection here too and you'll really love throwing back a few of those along with your unbelievably tasty meal! Enough said, this one's a winner!

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