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CHRISTIE'S PUB AND GRILL Christie's Pub and Grill is one of our top recommendations for Party Bus Milwaukee partiers in the Morgandale neighborhood. You'll find it at 3261 South 13th Street, and boy is it ever a winner! This is a comfortable and authentic pub that doesn't try too hard to be anything that it's not! The prices are very affordable and it's just always so much fun to be here. The nights we'd most recommend that you visit are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Try the shrimp sandwiches or the fish fry if you really want to enjoy a treat! Everything's made from scratch, so you may be in for a wait that's worth it!

MY OFFICE One of Party Bus Milwaukee's favorite dive bars in the East Town and Downtown area is My Office, located at 763 North Milwaukee Street. This is a cozy joint that you'll enjoy most on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, especially for late night jaunts! They've got a nice array of beers on tap and wonderful bartenders who are happy to engage in friendly conversation with you while they serve up all your favorites. There's not much here in terms of food, so consider this a drinking destination only! There's enough to keep you busy here too, including pool, which is always fun. Good times!

SWINGIN' DOOR EXCHANGE This one is located at 219 East Michigan Street in the East Town and Downtown neighborhood of Milwaukee. Party Bus Milwaukee customers love visiting this one because it's a real blast from the past, and we don't mean in a dive bar way! It's in an old historic building from the 1800s and it's just so rich with history. You can almost feel it in the air when you walk in. It's casual and cool here, with affordable pricing, and it's wonderful to come in for dinner on a Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday. The happy hour prices will certainly put a smile on that sour puss! TVs to watch the game too. Enough said.

NESSUN DORMA This one's a fabulous Italian bar located at 2778 North Weil Street in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee. Party Bus Milwaukee customers ask their chauffeurs to take them there all the time, and we won't be a bit surprised if you do too when you're partying with us! They have a really great selection of beer here and you will adore the puccini panini! It's true that the menu is quite limited but what they do serve is just out of this world. The best nights to come in and enjoy a delectable dinner are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Nice prices and no need for happy hour!

THE AVENUE BAR AND GRILL You'll be able to find The Avenue Bar and Grill at 611 West Wisconsin Avenue in the Westown and Downtown neighborhoods of Milwaukee! This is a real Party Bus Milwaukee favorite. You can count on having a wonderful time here whether you're there to watch the game or just to relax and enjoy some food and drink. They have some very nice French onion soup as well as garlic shrimp and pasta that we have enjoyed many times! The hummus is a nice surprise too. The service is so friendly here and you will really feel right at home, even during your very first visit. Highly recommended!

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