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NESSUN DORMA Nessun Dorma is a classic Italian bar that's located at 2778 North Weil Street in the River Hills area of Milwaukee. Our Party Bus Milwaukee customers very frequently request this one as a prime party destination, and we don't blame them! You might expect to find just your standard bar fare here, but that's not the case at all. The dishes that are featured on their menu are actually very creative and they've got some that that are just a cut above the rest! We just love everything here. It's located in a beautiful old historic building and the staff will be more than happy to give you a tour of the place if you so choose. We just adore this spot!

MEQUON PIZZA COMPANY Mequon Pizza Company, located at 12020 North River Road in the River Hills area, is one of the greatest places that you could ever choose to dine around here! The restaurant that you used to be familiar with in this spot has certainly changed over the years, having been remodeled into something really special, very modern and even airy. They have a large and impressive bar that you and your Party Bus Milwaukee partiers will really love sitting at, and you'll love the food here just as much as you love the drinks. The service is simply out of this world, absolutely kind and charming and attentive, all the things that good service should be. Highly recommended!

SWINGIN' DOOR EXCHANGE Party Bus Milwaukee partiers just love heading to Swingin' Door Exchange at 219 East Michigan Avenue in the River Hills area, and we think it's largely due to the fact that it's got such a sweet historic location in an old building from the 1800s. Those who appreciate a rich historic vibe will really enjoy it here. We love the fact that it's dark and cozy here, just perfect for intimate conversation, and with the right kind of atmosphere for your more special celebrations with your Party Bus Milwaukee friends. Happy hour is one of the best times to come in and the good days are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday if you ask us!

COUNTRY CLARE Country Clare at 1234 North Astor Street in the River Hills area is not only a fabulous bed and breakfast but it also houses a sensational Irish pub. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the best nights to stop in and enjoy yourself here along with all your Party Bus Milwaukee partiers, and we think you'll especially love watching the game on TV while you sip their fantastically strong and delicious drinks. The live music is really excellent here too! They've got a complete vegetarian menu for you if that's what you're after, and for everybody else, their classics like salmon or corned beef will serve you very well! What a wonderful place.

MCBOB'S McBob's can be found at 4919 West North Avenue in River Hills, and all of us at Party Bus Milwaukee really think that you'll love the sandwiches at this sensational pub. We love coming in on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner, and we especially love coming in at happy hour to take full advantage of their bar! There's plenty of room here for groups and you'll even be able to watch the game while you're there. The fish fry is a superb time to come in and we think you'll enjoy the potato pancakes and french fries on any other day! Everything that they serve here is absolutely delicious and irresistible, great for sharing with friends!

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