South Milwaukee Party Bus :: Party Spots & Restaurants

JOHNNY MO'S BAR & GRILL Party Bus Milwaukee customers love coming to 1301 Milwaukee Avenue to check out Johnny Mo's Bar & Grill. This is a real gem here in the South Milwaukee area and we love the fact that it's open every single night until 2:00 AM, making it one of our prime late night destinations for this area. You'll find that the prices are very reasonable here and that the service is very friendly. This is one of those cozy neighborhood corner bars where everybody just feels right at home. It's always loud and fun here too, with loud and lively groups like your own! The wings are delicious here, especially the teriyaki flavor and the honey mustard flavor! Can't get enough!

PAISANO'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT If Italian food is more what you're after when you're out here with Party Bus Milwaukee in the South Milwaukee area, have your chauffeur take you straight to 113 North Chicago Avenue to try Paisano's Italian Restaurant. They have a nice selection of beer and wine to go along with your fabulous meal, and you'll always be treated to a fabulous time here whether you're with just your significant other or with a whole Party Bus Milwaukee group. It's quiet and charming and yet you can still catch the game on the TV by the bar. The pasta is absolutely delicious here and well worth the premium prices! Very highly recommended to you!

PAPA LUIGI'S PIZZA Another one of Party Bus Milwaukee's favorites in the South Milwaukee area for pizza and pasta is Papa Luigi's Pizza. This one is located at 1919 12th Avenue and we think it's the most perfect location for a really fun time with your Party Bus Milwaukee group. This place houses a bowling alley and that just makes it double the fun for your group! The pizzas are absolutely delicious and of a higher quality than what you'd expect at a bowling alley. The entire place is very spacious and inviting for your larger groups, and the people who work here really know how to meet all your needs and make you feel like you're very welcome. Great salads here too!

AZTECA MEXICAN RESTAURANT Azteca Mexican Restaurant can be found at 901 Milwaukee Avenue in the South Milwaukee area, and it comes highly recommended by a whole lot of our Party Bus Milwaukee partiers as well as our staff! We love the fact that there is a full bar here and that they offer outdoor seating for when the weather is good enough for it. This is a very family friendly establishment and it's also really good for larger groups, and the affordable pricing makes it very smart for both of those types of outings! The lunch buffet is the time that we'd most recommend coming in, or during their happy hour to take advantage of those specials on beers and margaritas! Love it!

HICKORY INN Hickory Inn is found at 2703 South Chicago Avenue in the South Milwaukee area and we are simply obsessed with this wonderful dive bar that's known for its pizza and for its low key good times! This corner bar is a must-visit if you're seeking the most perfect dives in this area, and we love the fact that they can so easily accommodate even our larger Party Bus Milwaukee groups and keep them totally satiated with the yummiest pizza pies in town! The prices are very affordable here and that's just one more quality that makes us adore this place so very much. Wonderful staff and a really great atmosphere where you'll want to stay and stay!

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