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ATTEBURY'S PUB & EATERY If you head over to 3807 South Packard Avenue in St Francis with Party Bus Milwaukee, you'll find Attebury's Pub & Eatery, one of our absolute top choices for a British pub in this area! We'd venture to say that this one is a little more on the restaurant side than the bar side, with a bit more of the focus being on the excellent food, right where it belongs. They really do have some of the greatest food around, and at really reasonable prices too! They've got 24 taps here with really great beer selections, and as far as the food goes, we'd recommend the cubano or brisket sandwich, the porky pig, the pizza, and of course their wonderful burgers and fish!

CHRISTIE'S PUB & GRILL Another one of Party Bus Milwaukee's favorite pubs in the St Francis area, located conveniently at 3261 South 13th Street, and we think that you should definitely check this one out next time your'e in this area with us. Their hours are definitely more limited than what you see at most bars and grills, until 10:00 PM Wed-Thu and until 11:00 PM Fri-Sat, but it's worth arriving early because everything's so good here. There are no happy hour prices here but the everyday prices are in the low to moderate range, so it's not so bad. Watching the game here is always fun. The top recommendations are the shrimp poboys and the carrot cake for dessert!

SWINGIN' DOOR EXCHANGE Swingin' Door Exchange is found at 219 East Michigan Street in the St Francis area and this one definitely gets mad love from all of us at Party Bus Milwaukee and from our partygoers too! We love the fact that it's located in a historic building from the 1800s and that it's just steeped in that rich history that is so hard to find elsewhere. The best nights to come in are Mondays and Wednesdays during the week and Saturdays during the weekend, and we would very highly recommend checking it out for the first time during happy hour so that you can sample some of their best stuff at a lower price. The fish fry is fabulous and the vermouth carrots are irresistible!

OSCAR'S PUB & GRILL Oscar's Pub & Grill is an American pub found at 1712 West Pierce Street in St Francis and we just love the laid back vibe of this place. They've got television here so that you can watch the game and a wonderful juke box that's really stocked with all the hits. We'd most recommend the weekends to come in here, including Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The big O burger is one of our favorite things to indulge in here and we just love to pair that with their sweet potato fries. They've got lots of different cheeses here to choose from to top your burgers with, and the cheeseburger lovers who travel with Party Bus Milwaukee will really appreciate that!

COUNTRY CLARE You can find Country Clare at 1234 North Astor Street in St Francis, and this bed and breakfast also happens to house an Irish pub that is very highly recommended for your upcoming Party Bus Milwaukee trips. The best night during the week to come in would be Thursday and if you're here around the weekend, Friday and Saturday are wonderful. They've got very nice happy hour prices and pretty reasonable everyday prices too. The vegetarian menu is really fantastic and so is the standard one. We love the salmon here and we're also big fans of the corned beef. The fish fry is always excellent here and we just love their wine selection!

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