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THREE LIONS PUB If you and your Party Bus Milwaukee group want to have a really sensational bar and pub experience when in Whitefish Bay, be sure to check out Three Lions Pub, located at 4515 North Oakland Avenue. This is truly one of our favorite bars and restaurants in the area, just loaded to the hilt with all the best food and drinks that you could ever imagine. The sweet potato waffle fries are too perfect, served with the most incredible bleu cheese sauce! We could just sit there and dip dip dip all day long. The beer selection is quite noteworthy as well and they've got quite a few incredible tasting ciders that you'll certainly want to sample while you're there!

DEVON SEAFOOD + STEAK For a nice upscale chain restaurant that really gets it right in terms of steak and seafood, why not give Devon Seafood + Steak a try at 5715 North Bayshore Drive in the Whitefish Bay area? This is a beautifully designed restaurant where they have spared no expense to deliver something really unique and worthwhile. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but that's to be expected for this type of meal and dining experience. It's even romantic and classy here, just right for your more elegant celebrations with Party Bus Milwaukee. Thursdays and Sundays are the best days to come in. The lobster macaroni and cheese is our fave and we also love the scallops with mushroom risotto!

NORTH STAR AMERICAN BISTRO The Party Bus Milwaukee crew first became familiar with North Star American Bistro because of their Sunday build-your-own Bloody Mary bar, and we continued going because of the incredible quality of the food! Our Party Bus Milwaukee customers seem to enjoy it just as much as we do. They just love pointing our chauffeurs to 4518 North Oakland Avenue in the Whitefish Bay area. They love sitting indoors or out, and noshing on all the incredible food that they offer here. The goat cheese appetizer is one of our favorite things on the menu and we're really huge fans of their bourbon salmon! Great french onion soup and hamburgers too! Delish!

BAR LOUIE Everybody knows and loves Bar Louie, and this location is the one at 5750 Bayshore Drive in the Whitefish Bay area. This is a very popular after-work type of bar, but it's just as comfortable for a Party Bus Milwaukee partygoer to walk on in and order up some drinks and food and enjoy themselves on a night off. The beer selection is actually quite impressive here, and they have a nice selection of specialty martinis that everybody will certainly enjoy too! The nights that we'd recommend most highly are Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, or any day during happy hour! Nice prices all day long, actually, and TVs to watch the game too!

BD'S MONGOLIAN GRILL BD's Mongolian Grill is always a smart choice for Party Bus Milwaukee partiers who want a really fun and memorable meal. You can find this location at 598 West North Shore Drive in the Whitefish Bay area, and we think that you will really love it! If you've never been there, basically it consists of raw bars where you can choose the ingredients for your meal, including various protein choices, noodles and rice, veggies, and sauces and spices. You mix that all up in a bowl and the grill guys throw it on a huge round Mongolian grill, tossing it with sticks and bringing your concoction to life. With all-you-can-eat pricing, you can really fill up!

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