Milwaukee Party Bus Pricing

We can't include exact pricing information on our website due to the fact that it changes from day to day based on the day of the week, gas prices, which bus you choose, and other factors. However, we understand that everyone has a different budget, and particularly for those who are trying to get as much value for their money as possible, on this page we would like to tell you which days of the week are the best for booking, as well as how soon to book in order to ensure that we're available on your desired date.

When it comes to booking that bus and really getting as many hours as possible for your money, you would ideally want to schedule your event for a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Those are our least expensive days of the week. In contrast, Saturday is our most expensive, and it is of course our most in demand day as well. Friday and Sunday fall somewhere in between. Of course some events simply can't be held on the weekdays, but for those that can, you can save a bit of money.

We do offer special packages for weddings too, so you'll certainly want to take advantage of that if your nuptials are coming up! We take great pride in delivering an exceptional wedding party bus experience in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide safe, fun, and unforgettable transportation for your big day at an affordable rate. We can help make transportation on your special day seamless. Whether you need a ride from the church to the reception or a shuttle for your passengers, we can accommodate your wedding day needs

We bill by the hour in fifteen-minute increments, so you never pay for more time than you have used. One of our most frequently asked questions is if there are additional fees for going over the time that you have scheduled, and our answer is of course not! We simply continue to charge you at the same rate that we agreed to during the booking process. We love it when you're having a good time! That's the reason we're in business. So we never mind if you stay longer than expected.

How much is a party bus in Milwaukee? There are so many factors that go into the hourly price for your choice of vehicle, so just give us a call and we can discuss exact prices and figure out a budget that will work for you. Whether you're having to tighten your belt in these rough economic times, or whether money is absolutely no object to you, we can put together a party bus transportation package that will absolutely blow you away. We can't wait to hear from you!



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